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Carribean Divorce Services


This beautiful, Caribbean country, is less than 2 hours from the continental United States. In Haiti you can obtain a divorce with or without the consent of your spouse.

In two-party cases (both husband and wife signing) divorce is final the same day you appear in court!


In one-party cases, where one spouse cannot or will not sign the divorce becomes final in 21 days after the day you appear in court. 


In both cases, it will require an extra 7 - 10 days to have the decree with Certification from the US Embassy ready for our clients.


For a Haitian divorce an actual appearance in Court is necessary.

Although it is possible to schedule an appearance in the Haitian Divorce Court without an overnight stay we recommend that clients spend one or more nights in Haiti as a fun, interesting interlude.

Procedures for obtaining a Haitian Divorce

The client must make travel arrangements and advise us as to his/her flight arrival time & date and airline & flight number.


We are able to make the flight arrangements often at a substantial savings. To visit our travel website click here.  Of course we must know before attempting to do this exactly when the client wishes to travel and how long they intend to stay in Haiti.


The client must actually appear in Haiti during the business week. He/she can be there for as little as four hours between 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday.

Decree will be ready for client in 7 - 10 days with a two-party case, and in 30 days, or less, in a one-party case.

Client will be met at the airport by our attorney in Haiti, and taken to the hotel of his/her choice (if staying overnight), or directly to Court if not staying in Haiti overnight. Client will also be taken back to the airport when ready to depart.

All decrees will have Certification of the U.S. Embassey affixed to them without extra charge.

Fee is the same for both one-party and two-party cases, $1,900.00, plus actual travel expenses to travel to/from Haiti, and hotel/meal expenses if client is remaining overnight.

Additional Official Court Copy of the Decree for a Haitian Divorce: $425.00


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